EUSA University Centre is a Spanish private university centre founded in 1961 and affiliated with the University of Seville since 1996. Our official undergraduate degrees include Audiovisual Communication, Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations, and Tourism; our Study Abroad offer includes over 30 different subject areas in Spanish and English, ranging from Media Studies, Business and Human Resources to Cultural Studies, Language or History.

EUSA is one of the educational components that constitute the Campus Formativo of the Chamber of Commerce of Seville, a unique configuration located in the heart of Seville which has catered since its inception to the learning needs of over 55,000 national and international students. This exceptional environment is directly linked to the world of business and labour market needs, promoting innovation, creativity and adding value to present-day society.

Our Campus is one of the most modern educational settings in Europe, fostering intercultural exchange and cooperation among students completing undergraduate, graduate, Master’s and vocational studies. We complement our academic offering for visiting students with Spanish Language and Culture courses offered in a wide range of formats, from one-on-one to group classes.


To provide educational opportunities for incoming and outgoing students that may enhance their creativity, skills and employability through international agreements in Higher Education.


Our vision is to maintain programs that cater to the global needs of all of our students.


To provide educational opportunities for incoming and outgoing students that may enhance their creativity, skills and employability through international agreements in Higher Education.

 Operating with Academic Integrity

 Fostering Global Understanding & Engagement

 Targeting Student Personal & Professional Skill Development

 Aiming at Innovation & Employability

 Bearing in mind the Health & Safety of Staff, Faculty & Students

EUSA is a private university center, affiliated with Universidad de Sevilla and owned by the Chamber of Commerce of Seville. Our degrees are all ECTS accredited by the Ministry of Eudcation. This can be verified in a series of official publications by the state of Spain and the Region of Andalucía. These are the Boletín Oficial del Estado, BOE, and the Boletín Oficial de la Junta de Andalucía, BOJA. Please follow the links below to the specific pdfs that confirm EUSA’s status as a higher education center.

Additionally, this information is officially published by Universidad de Sevilla here; the National Registry of Centers and Degrees also attests to our official status and that of our degrees. Browsing through this site will lead to the BOEs as well.

Boletín Oficial de la Junta de Andalucía

 BOJA. Curriculum – Bachelor Advertising & Public Relations (Spanish)

 BOJA. Curriculum – Bachelor Journalism (Spanish)

 BOJA. Curriculum – Bachelor Audiovisual Communication (Spanish)

 BOJA. Curriculum – Bachelor Tourism (Spanish)

Boletín Oficial del Estado:

 BOE. Curriculum – Bachelor Advertising & Public Relations (Spanish)

 BOE. Curriculum – Bachelor Journalism (Spanish)

 BOE. Curriculum – Bachelor Audiovisual Communication (Spanish)

 BOE. Curriculum – Bachelor Tourism (Spanish)

All EUSA credentials can be found at the Registro de Universidades, Centros y Títulos (RUCT).

This is a summary of EUSA program policies for quick reference for our visiting students and international partners. These policies derive from fuller Rules and Regulations established for all Universidad de Sevilla degrees. Additional information may be found on each independent course syllabus. Please address any queries and requests to internationaloffice@eusa.es.

Grading Scale

EUSA follows University of Seville in its numerical and letter grading scale. The following chart includes grades and a brief note for equivalence guidance. Please consult our transferability chart for a more complete guide on grade equivalence across a multitude of different academic systems (note that this transferability chart is meant as an equivalence approximation for consultation; final equivalence will be established by Home institutions).

Numerical Letter Note
From 0 to 4.9 Suspenso(SS) Fail
From 5 to 6.9 Aprobado (AP) Passing / C grade
From 7 to 8.9 Notable (NT) Passing / B Grade
From 9 to 10 Sobresaliente (SB) Passing / A Grade
TBD Matrícula de Honor Passing with Honours
TBD No presentado Incomplete


Attendance to 75% of sessions per course is required under EUSA Centro Universitario regulations. Any absences in excess of the allowed 25%, including those derived from early departure, will result in grade penalties leading up to a potential failure of the course. An academic committee including the Head of Studies, the Director of the International Office and the instructor of the course affected by excess absenteeism will meet to determine penalties and exceptions to be made on a case-by-case basis. Instructors will record attendance daily. Students will have to request attendance records from the instructors on a regular basis to verify whether they have exceeded absence limits.
Courses meet twice a week, 2 hours per session. Other formats may exceptionally be preferred.

Add/Drop and Course Modification period

There is an official one-week period for course modifications and add and drop to modify initial course selection; any such modifications to course selection needs to be approved by home institutions for credit transferability transparency and requested through the appropriate Course Modification Form. Once this Add/Drop period expires, course selection will be considered final. Any request for course modification that is received after this one-week period will only be accepted under scrutiny of the circumstances involved in each situation.

Course Withdrawal

There is a three-week period after the Modification and Add/Drop deadline for withdrawal requests; courses withdrawn in this manner will not appear in the student transcripts. Withdrawal requests from courses at a later stage will result in a final grade of No Presentado (Course Incomplete). This result will appear in the final transcript.

Incomplete Grades

Incomplete grades, No Presentado, will be granted to students not completing the mandatory assessment for any of their courses and not having formally requested withdrawal from said course. Accommodation offered to students for a belated completion of courses will be studied on separately by an Academic Committee including the Head of Studies, the Director of the International Office and the instructor or tutor of the course affected.

Second Call

Students coming through the Study Abroad Program normally only have one opportunity for passing final exams, at the end of the semester. However, EUSA will open, on a case by case basis, the option for Second Call exams. Through this, students will be granted a second chance to obtain a passing grade in their courses. All forms of assessment will be described in the course syllabi.

Exam Proctoring

Participants in EUSA’s international programs requiring to take an exam at a different time or location from those set for the course in question may take advantage of the exam proctorization process established by the international office. The staff will facilitate a guideline towards proctoring said form of assessment. Please contact our officers and inform faculty accordingly. Additional fees may apply to cover the costs of  the proctorization process.

Transcript of Records

EUSA will issue an academic transcript for each student and forward it to his/her Home Institution within a 3-month period after completion of the semester (unless otherwise indicated to the International Office). However, EUSA International Office always tries to reduce this time-frame as much as possible.

Additional transcripts are available upon request from students or partner institutions at a cost of 10,00€ per document.

ECTS Credits

All courses are equivalent to 6 ECTS credits. Exceptions will be indicated to the students accordingly.

Minimum & Maximum Enrollment

Full-time EUSA students need to remain enrolled in a minimum of 4 courses (24 ECTS credit) at all times, including language and degree courses. This minimum requirement is based on VISA specifications. Maximum enrollment may depend on different agreements with sending institutions. In general, students may be enrolled in a maximum of 5 degree courses.

Course Overload

Student requesting course overloads beyond the number of credits included in their Study Abroad program will be charged a fee derived from the official EUSA credit cost. This amount will be available online on our official degree webpages. Please consult with EUSA International Office for current pricing.

Minimum Class Size

EUSA has a required minimum of 10 students per class; course cancellation will become effective if this number is not reached by both local and international students. This minimum size requisite applies to all degrees, programs, language courses, regular courses and academic year.


EUSA observes the official holiday academic calendar established for Higher Education in Seville. Calendar information will be available prior to semester start days and will not observe any religious or cultural holiday outside this official information. EUSA instructors will accommodate to religious absences, or any other justifiable absences to class of international students by providing all necessary materials and assessment covered in class during their absence. However, students will still be considered absent from class even if they do make up for the work assigned to the day of their absence.

Early Departure

Request for Early departure and accommodation of forms of assessment will need to be justified by Home Institutions or Study Abroad Providers, appropriately documented by the student. Only Force Majeure circumstances or previous agreements with Institutions or Providers based on different academic calendars will lead to accommodation for early departure.
Students requesting and/or requiring said accommodations will need to comply with any deadlines established by EUSA faculty, under supervision of the Head of Studies and the Director of the International Office. Instructors should and may require alternative forms of assessment to be completed in order to receive a final grade. Said forms of assessment will be described, discussed and communicated to the students, Home Institution, and Providers.

Absences derived from early departure will count as part of the 25% total permitted attendance limits.

Special Accommodation

Students with need for Special Accommodation of any kind, affecting instruction, accessibility, assessment or other, will need to inform the International Office accordingly by providing and disclosing any pertaining documentation that officially vouches for the reasoning of such a request. In the event of EUSA not being able to meet the requirements of this request, students and home institutions would be informed prior to the beginning of the semester. It is important to notify Special Accommodation necessity in advance, before semester start, in order to address efficiently the students’ needs.

Entry Requirements

 Language Requirements: Students are required to have a minimum B1 language level in Spanish and/or English, depending on the language/s of instruction of the courses they wish to enroll in during their Study Abroad Program session. However, a B2 level is strongly recommended to avoid any communication hindrance that may detract from final academic results. Yet still, students with no certification of their language level, wishing to come to EUSA will have to assume consequences resulting from this level.

Exceptions to this language limitation can be made only with conformity between EUSA International Office and the home institution.

Minimum GPA of 2.5 or equivalent. EUSA will study lower GPA students for potential admission. In order to be eligible for a low GPA petition process, the following documents are required:

  • Official Transcript
  • Personnal Statement
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation
  • Advisor Approval Form

Food & drink in the classroom

There will be no food or drink allowed in the classrooms. Exceptions may be made with individual consent from the faculty.

Disciplinary and Appeals Regulations

 Students must comply with all laws, rules and regulations issued by any applicable governmental authority (including laws on health and safety, tax, employment, data protection etc.).

 Students must abide by all rules and regulations of both institutions. Students are requested to adopt a responsible and conscientious behaviour within EUSA premises, in the classrooms or when participating at any Activities or Excursions organized by EUSA International Office.

 In the situation where a student’s behaviour fails to meet rules and regulations, EUSA University Centre reserves the right to refuse access to class and/or to its premises, and to put an end to the student’s Study Abroad Program. In such scenario, tuition fees will still be fully due, will not be reimbursed, and this information may be included in the student’s academic record.

Free-Mover students

EUSA will welcome free-movers to any of its programs. Free-mover students need to comply with the following requirements:

 Be eligible to participate in European Higher Education or equivalent and document it.

Have completed Secondary School / pre-university degrees.

 Be 18 years old or over, and hold their own legal representation.

A letter of motivation and the reasons for your stay in our location will also be evaluated prior to being accepted into our programs.

CAVEAT: When there is no formal agreement on student exchange between a home university and EUSA University Centre, credit transfer cannot be secured. Hence, it is the participant’s responsibility to determine how EUSA documents will be used to add towards potential or existing degrees.

For further details about our Study Abroad Programs, please contact the International Office at internationaloffice@eusa.es

Free-mover enrollment fees

Free-mover students from the European Union will be requested to pay a 25% non-refundable deposit of the program fee as enrollment requirement, independently of the program in which they choose to participate.
For the remainder of the payment, students applying to EUSA Study Abroad Program will have to follow the payment instructions described in Program Application.

Free-mover students from outside the European Union, needing an EUSA admission letter for Visa procedures, will be requested to pay a 50% non-refundable deposit of their Program Fee,  in order to issue the document. The remaining amount will be paid on the first instalment date of your semester.

For students applying to any EUSA International Program other than Study Abroad Program (tailor-made Program, Educational Internship Program, etc.), the remaining amount will be paid one week before program start.

Study Abroad Program Payment Policies

Program Fees
Study Abroad Program fees are available here.

Program Deposit
EUSA requires a program deposit of 200€, as part of the program fee, from each student to confirm participation. This program deposit is not an additional fee but is part of all published program fees and is paid within two weeks after the application deadline. In some cases, home institutions have made arrangements to confirm participation for the student.

Study Abroad Program Payment Deadlines: EU Students

The following payment information applies to EU students only. 

Semester 1:

  • June 15th – Application deadline
  • June 30th – Program deposit due
  • August 31st – 50% payment deadline*
  • December 15th – Full payment deadline

Semester 2:

  • November 15th – Application deadline
  • November 30th – Program deposit due
  • January 15th – 50% payment deadline*
  • May 15th – Full payment deadline

*Payment may be submitted at any time after acceptance. For example, 100% of payment may be made immediately.

Study Abroad Payment Deadlines: Non-EU Students

The following payment information applies to Non-EU students only. 

Semester 1:

  • April 1st – Application deadline*
  • April 15th – Program deposit and 50% payment deadline**
  • September 15th – Full payment deadline

Semester 2:

  • September 1st – Application deadline*
  • September 15th – Program deposit and 50% payment deadline**
  • February 15th – Full payment deadline

*Any questions about meeting the application deadline should be directed to internationaloffice@eusa.es before the deadline.
It is possible that exceptions can be made. 

**Payment may be submitted at any time after acceptance. For example, 100% of payment may be made immediately.

Program Withdrawal and refund policy

Please note that in all circumstances the program deposit is non-refundable.

Withdrawal before the program arrival orientation date:
If written notification of withdrawal of confirmed participant is received by EUSA on or more than 30 days prior to the program arrival orientation date, all fees–minus the non-refundable program deposit will be refunded.
If written notification of withdrawal of a confirmed participant is received by EUSA less than 30 days prior to the program arrival orientation date, 75% of the program fees will be refunded.

Withdrawal on or after the program arrival orientation date:
If written notification of withdrawal for a confirmed participant is received by EUSA on or after the program arrival orientation date, or if a confirmed participant does not notify EUSA in writing of plans to withdraw and does not show up on-site on the program arrival orientation date, the following refund policy for partial attendance applies:

Notification of withdrawal on or up to 21 days after the program arrival orientation date 25% refund
Notification of withdrawal at any time after (and including) day 22 calculated from the program arrival orientation date No refund

Updated on: May, 18th, 2018

Associations, Conferences & Fairs with our participation and/or membership


Our network, the Campus Formativo of the Chamber of Commerce of Seville

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How to get there?

The Campus Formativo of the Chamber of Commerce of Seville is located in the San Bernardo and El Porvenir quarters, 10 minutes walk from the historic center of Seville, and close to a major hub of public transportation. Click on this link for the Virtual Campus Visit.

Bus Lines

    • Avenida Ramón y Cajal stops: C1, C2, 22, 25, 26, 28, 29, & Airport.
    • Avenida de la Borbolla stops:1, 30, 31, 37, & 38.
    • Avenida Felipe II stops: 30, 31, & 38.

Train / Metro

    • San Bernardo Station.
    • Line 1 San Bernardo.
    • Metro Centro San Bernardo.

Sevici Bicycle Service

    • Avenida Ramón Carande.
    • Avenida Dr. Pedro de Castro con C/Fernando Villalón.

Adress: Plácido Fernández Viagas Street, 4, 41013 – Sevilla
Phone:  (+34) 954 23 87 97
Fax: (+34) 954 23 89 42


Jesús Díaz Vidal – Director of the International Office

The focus of the Director of the International Office position targets outreach,  maintaining and increasing internationalization of EUSA through the establishment and development of new agreements that provide study abroad options for incoming and outgoing students. This is executed in adherence to our core values and seeking to foster global understanding and engagement.

Jesús Díaz holds a double Master’s degree in English Linguistics and has formerly taught at the University of Seville and the University of Michigan. His previous Study Abroad experience ranges from instruction in different fields both in Spanish and English, to faculty and program coordination, development and promotion. He joined EUSA in the 2013/14 academic year.


Elena Domínguez – Outgoing & Erasmus+ Coordinator

The Outgoing & Erasmus+ Coordinator ‘s main occupation relates to facilitating application and transcription processes, academic documentation, and program information and resources for Erasmus+ incoming and all outgoing students of EUSA. This position supervises the relationship between our office and our Erasmus+ universities and other partners, catering to the academic needs of the students at all stages of the experience, prior to arrival, during the program and as alumni.

Elena Domínguez holds Bachellor’s Degree in Tourism from EUSA, participating in study abroad at Manchester Metropolitan University. She completed her expertise with an Expert Degree in International Trade through the Chamber of Commerce of Seville. Before joining our International Office in 2011, she was employed in the Event and Hotel Management sector in Dublin and Spain.


Verena Cuevas – Incoming Coordinator

The Incoming Coordinator is mainly responsible for the administrative management of Incoming Study Abroad Students and the relationship between EUSA and their Home Institutions. Verena also takes care of supporting incoming students before, during and after their Study Abroad Program. Academic affairs, orientation processes, health and safely are seen as essential parts of this position.

Verena Cuevas acquired her degree in Tourism from EUSA. She perfected her skills and second languages abroad working in the tourism trade where customer care was always involved. Upon her return to Spain, she become involved in study abroad, working for several international providers in roles from accommodation to student services and academic support. She become part of the International Office staff as Student Experience Coordinator in the 2014/15 academic year.

Marta Fernandez – Mobility Coordinator

Marta combines the management of the Courses in Spanish as a Foreign Language, following all standards set by Instituto Cervantes for official accredited centers, with her role as Mobility Coordinator for Incoming and Outgoing students (Faculty-led, Tandem Buddy Programme, Erasmus and Exchange Programmes).  She also specialized on the outreach and recruitment LATAM areas.

Linked to EUSA since 2011, she worked as an ELE teacher and as responsible for CCSE and DELE Official Spanish Language Exams for 3 years. She joined the International Office in 2016 to carry out her current duties. Marta Fernández studied the degree in Hispanic Philology at the University of Seville, later completing her training as a Career Counseling Technician, and she specialized in Entrepreneurship in the Education Sector studying at the INCYDE Foundation. She started teaching ELE in 2006 in Italy, and has since then gained a wealth of experience in this sector, as well as on the management of educational programs.


Lucía Martín – Project & Incoming Coordinator

The project coordinator main tasks involve the design, management and execution of the different international projects in which EUSA participates and that target areas such as International Office procedures, entrepreneurship and the correspondence between the curriculum and job-market needs. The desired outcomes of our projects entail increasing options for EUSA students, staff and faculty to increase their global understanding and collaborate with peers at an international level.

Lucía acquired her degree in Translation and Interpreting from Pablo de Olavide University, including a year as an Erasmus student at Salford University, Manchester. She developed her professional and language skills by working abroad in the translation and the tourism field. After her experience in England and France she returned to Spain, where she become involved in study abroad programmes. She joined EUSA’s International Office team in the 2017/18 academic year.


Fabio Sarmiento – Outreach Coordinator

Fabio graduated in Business at the University of Seville, completed his studies in the University of International Business of Poznan. After spending his Erasmus in Poland, and a brief work experience in London, Fabio moved back to Spain to work in Barcelona during 4 years in roles related to education abroad. He became part of the International Office team in November 2019.