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Erasmus+ partner universities of EUSA must send the official nomination email to the University of Seville (Carlos Ordoño – in order to register officially. In parallel, the student needs to complete the EUSA application form as soon as possible to finish their registration in our own system and give them access to EUSA platform. Do not forget to send us the Learning Agreement!

Students will be able to contact the Erasmus+ Coordinator at EUSA, Elena Domínguez, whenever they need it.

The EUSA partner universities must send the Erasmus+ official nomination to the University of Seville – US ( – Carlos Ordoño) in order to register officially.

If you have any problem with access to SEVIUS platform of the University of Seville (Secretaría virtual), please contact the US to help you. EUSA does not have access to SEVIUS, it is the US online platform and only they manage it.


1. Students (only Erasmus+) who are coming to study at EUSA, must be registered (by the Home University using its username and password) on the online application form of the University of Seville. It is very important that you enter the exact number of your passport or identity card. About two weeks after being registered, the student will receive a username and a password from the University through the email address which has been indicated during the application. It must be used in order to complete the registration.

2. Pre-selection of Subjects (mandatory): once your application is accepted, you have to choose the courses you would like to study. Remember that it is a pre-selection; It is only temporary until it is validated by the University of Seville and EUSA. The final decision depends on the number of places available and must be carried out on the strict order of registrations.


It should be reminded that some courses could have limited capacity, therefore, this step will not be definitely until its confirmation by EUSA, so please, complete as soon as possible your EUSA Application Form before arriving.

→ Deadline 1st Semester or full academic year: June 15th. For the 2nd Semester: November 15th.

It should be also informed that the required language level for incoming students in the next academic year will be the indicated in the established Bilateral Agreement.

Remember! Once you finish your stay at EUSA, your official Transcript of Records will be sent by the University of Seville to your home university. EUSA will only send an email to your campuscamara email (created for each student which will be indicated at the beginning of the course) as an advance, but the official document is always sent by the University of Seville.

Important! Before returning to your country, you must go to International Relations Office to sign your Certificate of Attendance, otherwise they will not be able to send your transcript.

Since 1998 EUSA participates in the Erasmus Program which offers international students the possibility to enroll into undergraduate studies at EUSA.

Our curriculum can be either downloaded, seen below, or searched according to Subject Area, Semester (1 or 2), Language of Instruction, (Spanish or English), Official European Degree, Year of Instruction, etcetera. Students and institutions reviewing this information should understand that future academic years will see less than 5% decrease in course offerings; a progressive proliferation of courses offered in English is to be expected for upcoming sessions.

All EUSA courses, as part of our 4 EHEA accredited degrees, share the following characteristics:

  • 6 ECTS credits
  • 60 in-class contact hours plus optional additional exams
  • 90 homework hours
  • 75% mandatory attendance
  • Minimum class size of 10 students

For further information on course-related matters please consult our academic policies.

In deciding where to complete your Erasmus semester or year, you will be required to identify a number of transferable courses. Please take your time to read through our courses and their descriptions; you may choose different criteria to narrow down your results.

All BAs are 4 years full time undergraduate degrees. Each BA includes a total of 240 credits (ECTS – European Credit Transfer System).

To complete your Learning Agreement you should always check it with your local international programs coordinator before enrolling into the Erasmus exchange program at EUSA in order to guarantee the validation of credits at your home university.


Codes ending in EN mean that the courses are taught in English and the names of the courses must be written in English in your Learning Agreement. If they do not have the EN ending, means that the courses are taught in Spanish so the names of the courses must be written in Spanish.

Please do not forget to always write the Code + Name of the courses selected in your Learning Agreement, which must be signed by you, EUSA and your home university. Remember that your final Learning Agreement, after the add/drop period (first week), must be also sent to the University of Seville.

EUSA has a required minimum of 10 students per class; course cancellation will become effective if this number is not reached by both local and international students. This minimum size requirement applies to all degrees, programs, language courses, regular courses and academic year.

This Course List can be modified until the beginning of the semester so please, before coming to Seville, choose other alternatives with your coordinator to make sure of not having problems in case you need to modify your learning agreement once in EUSA.

Once in Seville, students who have been admitted at EUSA must be enrolled on their arrival day at Centro Internacional – University of Seville.

Documents to provide:

  • 1 passport size photo
  • 1 copy of your passport or of your ID
  • 1 copy of your health card

Students will have to pick up at Centro Internacional a document containing their payment details in order to confirm their registration.

Address: Centro Internacional – University of Seville. Avenida Ciudad Jardín nº 20-22. CP: 41005, Sevilla.


EUSA University Centre’s academic calendar is dependent on the official calendar provided by the Comisión del Distrito Único Universitario Andaluz. All dates herein included may be modified upon release of the official Universidad de Sevilla dates.

Students should not book any travels until closer to expected Holiday dates and be sure of those dates.

  • Download Erasmus+ & Exchange Academic Calendar.

Erasmus+ Orientation: Thurs, Feb 3, 2022 at 10h.  Google link to join us.


Please! Be aware that we have international students that come through different programs with different academic calendars. If you are an Erasmus + / Exchange student, the “EUSA Regular S.A. Calendar” and no other is your official calendar, the same as the national students, approved by the University of Seville.

STUDENT DORM AT EUSA! More info here.


Students Accommodation at the University of Seville could be found by renting private flats or by host families. The number of available places in our halls of residence is limited.

For further information, please check

Telephone: +34 954 486776 or +34 954 486 092

E-mail: or

Monday – Friday: from 10:00 to 14:00h.

There are several types of accommodation that Erasmus visiting students can choose from for their study abroad experience in Seville. There are no best or worst types, as each of them has its pros and cons: students should decide what type of accommodation best suits their Study Abroad goals. All housing arrangements will be independent agreements made between each individual student and the different providers.

Traditional formats of housing accommodation in Seville include:

  • Host Families
  • Student Dorms
  • Shared Apartments

The International Office strongly recommends that students make housing arrangements prior to their arrival in Seville or, at least, prior to the commencement of classes and the academic calendar.

Some students are looking forward flatmates so we reccomend you to be connected to the EUSA social networks.

Important Notice! When a student signs a lease or rental agreement they are signing a legal document. EUSA will not assume any responsibility for discrepancies between the parties involved, provider and tenant, at any stage before, during or after the study abroad period.


C/ Plácido Fernández Viagas, 4.
CP: 41013 – Sevilla (Spain)

Academic Information:

Opening hours EUSA International Office (ground floor):

Monday – Thursday:  09.00 – 13.30  &  16.00 – 17.30h.
Friday:  09.00 – 13.30h.

Phone Contact: +34 954238797

UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE – Centro Internacional

Avenida Ciudad Jardín, 20-22. CP: 41005 – Sevilla (Spain)

Opening hours: Monday – Friday;  09.00 – 14.00h.

Phone number: (0034) 954 551 255


General information (registration and enrollment information): (Incoming coordinator – Carlos Ordoño)

Look for your country and contact your coordinator at the University of Seville:

Si deseas recibir esta información en español contacta con nosotros:


Argentina, China, South Korea, United States, Greece, Japan, Portugal, Switzerland, Taiwan and Ciencia sin fronteras.

Costa Rica, Slovakia, India, Lebanon, Morocco and Czech Republic.

Germany , Cyprus, Colombia, Croatia, Denmark, Ecuador, Slovenia, France, Hungary, Israel, Jordan, Luxembourg, Malta, Peru, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, United Kingdom and Russia.

Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Norway and Sweden.

Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Estonia, Netherlands, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Turkey and Uruguay.
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