Here are some suggestions of places to visit, day trips from Seville and other interesting sights out of the city.


The Roman ruins of Itálica are one of the places you must go to when visiting Seville. 10 kilometres north from Seville, this city was founded by the Romans in the year 206 BC and was the birthplace of the famous Roman Emperor Trajan (Trajano in Spanish).

Here you can still see the remains of the Roman city, an impressive amphitheatre which once held 25.000 people and beautiful mosaic floors.


The historic town of Carmona, 30 kilometres from Seville, is perfect for a day trip. Both the Romans and the Moors have left their imprint in this picturesque town.

You may start your visit at the Moorish arch of Puerta de Sevilla, where you will find the tourist information centre. From here, walk through the narrow streets to the main square, the Plaza San Fernando. Visit also the Gothic church of Santa María and the city’s museum.


The town of Aracena, full of monuments and declared Town of Cultural Interest, sits at the foot of the Old Castle and Priory Church, which preserves the minaret of the mosque that preceded it. Besides this and many other churches that comprise its assets, highlight, and so it is best known is the Gruta de las Maravillas (Cave of Wonders), the most interesting karst formations of Spain and extraordinary beauty.

In Gruta de las Maravillas, the dissolutive action of water, and subsequent work as a goldsmith rub the magic formations have created a full of suggestions and mysteries underground landscape; stalactite formations, stalagmites, columns, gours, castings, pisoliths , eccentric, curtains … an entire world that the persistence of water, stone and time have shaped so that the human imagination can feel the exact dimension of nature.


Doñana is one of the largest national parks in Europe, it is easy to reach by bus. In the park you will find woods, marshes and spectacular wildlife. Tourism in Doñana is controlled to protect wildlife, so the best way to visit the park is through one of the visitors’ centres, or taking one of the guided tours, either by bus or by boat navigating the Guadalquivir river.



Driving towards east for an hour, you reach Córdoba, our last proposal of day trips from Seville. It comes as little surprise that Córdoba has been one of the few places where European history that has actually seen Muslims, Jews and Christians living more or less happily together. It has always been an important place of culture and since 1994, the historic centre is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Here, history can be found at every street corner.

The main touristic feature, the Mezquita, is a unique structure which, on its own, could tell the whole story of the city. But as if this was not enough, there will be plenty more on your menu. Indeed, a short tourist break might not be long enough to see the Judería, the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos, the Episcopal Palace, the Roman Bridge, the Torre de Calahorra, the city walls, the Plaza del Potro, the Albolafia Mill and the many hidden patios of the old town. Córdoba, it is a special place where you will enjoy wandering through its tiny streets, sitting in the shades of lovely little squares, drinking in traditional bars and dining in fine restaurants.