The University of Seville’s call for international student mobility will be open soon. The call for international internship grants is part of the Erasmus+ program. All the information related to the last call will be available in the following link.

The University of Seville announces every academic year places for international student mobility, internships in universities, research centres and international companies within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme.

Types of internship:

  • Curricular internship: are configured as academic activities that are part of the curriculum itself. Students who are enrolled in the current academic year and continue their studies in the next academic year may participate in this modality.
  • Extracurricular internship: students may do it voluntarily during their training period. Although they have the same purposes as the curricular practices, they are not part of the corresponding study plan. However, they will be reflected in the European Supplement to the Degree as determined by current regulations. Those who are enrolled in the current academic year and have completed the credits corresponding to their study plan before departure may participate in this modality, unless the centre allows students who have not yet completed their studies to enroll.

Stays can start from July 1st of the current academic year and must end before September 30th of the following year. Their length will be from 2 to 12 months (of which SEPIE – Spanish Service for the Internationalisation of Education  will finance 3 months as a maximum), and the total amount of the aid received will have to be reimbursed in case of justifying a period of stay of less than 2 months.

Students must submit their APPLICATIONS by filling out the application form published by the US on its website and sending it by email to and both with the documentation that allows the study and assessment of their application.

Those applications that are not followed by the documentation listed below will not be  declared admissible:

  1. “Internship Training Agreement” (Annex I of the requirements of the call) duly completed by the host institution and with the approval of the Head of International Relations or Internship of the Centre in which the student is registered (legible signature and stamp of the centre in which the content of the internship must be sufficiently specified).
  2. Language accreditation. The information regarding the level required in each institution or company of destination must appear in the Commitment of Participation of the student.

The internships carried out by the students must be directly related to the studies in which the student is enrolled.


You can go to any European destination of your choice. To make the search for companies easier, the International Centre of the University of Seville publishes on its website and on the scholarship portal the data of those companies located in Europe that have shown interest in participating in the programme. The students will have to contact these companies directly to get their admission. Each applicant may apply, in order of preference, for a maximum of 3 destinations.


The search for a company is easier than you think, you just have to get down to business and try! Steps suggested by the International Office of EUSA:

  1. Prepare your resume in the language spoken in the target country (you can find examples on the Internet).
  2. Google your sector companies and locate the email of the HR Department’s or the Director’s. Do not send mass emails, that is, do not use the BCC option, better send them one by one so that they are personalized for each company and always address a person in a formal way.
  3. Introduce yourself formally. Indicate that you are a student at the EUSA University Centre (University of Seville) and your field of study.  Explain to them you are going to apply for the Erasmus+ Internship Scholarship and you are interested in doing the internship in their company. Inform them that you have a deadline (we suggest you to say a few days before the official date) to make the application. This email should be short, a first contact. Obviously the email must be written in the language of the country.
  4. Finally, apply for the Erasmus+ Internship before the deadline, attaching the contract with the company which has accepted you and the language level required, if there is any.

More information on the international website of the University of Seville.