Housing Options in Seville

The EUSA International Office will assist and guide incoming students in finding accommodation, current market pricing, housing location, safety concerns, cultural adaptation issues and other related matters. Unless otherwise specified, housing is not included in the programme fee for any of our agreements with Independent Students, Sending Universities and Study Abroad Providers. Hence, all housing arrangements will be independent agreements made between each individual student and the different providers.

There are several types of accommodation that EUSA visiting students can choose from for their study abroad experience in Seville. There are no best or worst types, as each of them has its pros and cons: students should decide what type of accommodation best suits their Study Abroad goals. Traditional formats of housing accommodation in Seville include:

 Host Families.
 Student Dorms.
 Shared Apartments.

The International Office strongly recommends that students make housing arrangements prior to their arrival in Seville or, at least, prior to the commencement of classes and the academic calendar. Please understand that the support offered by the International Office does not imply assurance of providing the student with any particular type of accommodation, as it is the student’s final responsibility to arrange for their own housing.

Important Notice! When a student signs a lease or rental agreement they are signing a legal document. EUSA staff will help students with the process of formalising the lease; however, EUSA will not assume any responsibility for discrepancies between the parties involved, provider and tenant, at any stage before, during or after the study abroad period.

For more information please contact one of our international officers at internationaloffice@eusa.es.

Students choosing to live with a Spanish host family will typically be provided with a room (shared or independent depending on agreement with provider), full board and cleaning/laundry service.

It is important for students to know that living with families from Seville does not necessarily imply that they will have less freedom than students living in other modes of housing. This is a common misconception, as students requesting home-stays enjoy total freedom as they can enter and leave the apartment whenever they please. It is true, however, that there might be some common sense coexistence norms to be discussed with the families. This housing option has the prospective advantage of enhanced communication with locals, though success of such a process is much dependent upon interpersonal relations established between family members and students.

Price (approx.):  Students should be able to find host families for a monthly fee of 600€ – 750€.

Student Dormitories are also available in Seville and the International Office can initially guide visiting students in locating their best options for this type of accommodation. Dorm fees normally include shared or independent room, cleaning service, laundry facilities, meal plans, wireless connection, gyms, and more. Even though students may decide to secure this type of accommodation privately, the International Office will facilitate contact for a number of student dormitories that have accepted our students in the past.

Students selecting dormitories emphasize the advantage of relating to many people their age and practicing conversation regularly.

Price (approx.): Students should be able to find this type of accommodation for a monthly fee of 350€ – 600€.

Sharing an apartment with Spanish or other international students is a frequently sought option in study abroad. Students are invited to first check all available advertisements on the internet and then come to the International Office for further assistance in contacting providers and arranging to meet flat-mates. Shared apartments are usually equipped with all the necessary appliances: oven, washer, refrigerator, etc.

International students who opt to share an apartment should speak with our staff at the International Office as soon as possible—always before classes start in mid September or early February. It can be difficult to find a suitable apartment after the start of classes when most available flats have already been rented.

Shared apartment prices usually include community fees. It is normal for water, electricity and gas prices to be averaged and paid up front. This is later agreed upon with the provider as part of the rental contract. At the time of signing the agreement, students are likely to be requested an advanced payment of a housing deposit to be reimbursed upon checkout and given no damage to the apartment is detected.

Prices (approx.): Students should be able to find this type of accommodation for a monthly fee of 250€ – 450€.

Study Abroad Programme Housing Packages

If you choose a Study Abroad Programme housing package, you will receive information of housing for this programme via email.

*Service not included for Erasmus+ and Exchange students.