The EUSA University Center, as constituent of the Formative Campus of the Chamber of Commerce of Seville, provides unpaid International Educational Internship opportunities for over 700 local and international students every year.

International Internships Components and Characteristics:

All of our internship opportunities are designed according to ECTS regulations for internship practice as part of official degrees. As visiting students participating in internships, programme participants will benefit from individualized programme components, which may include any combination of the following.

Programme Components:

  • Orientation
  • Application Analysis and Acceptance Process
  • Internship Search based on Intern Profile
  • Pre-Arrival Interview Scheduling
  • Insurance and Visa Support
  • Farewell Event
  • Individual Tutoring and Supervision:
    • Company Visit
    • Regular One-on-one Tutoring Sessions
    • Regular Professional Supervisor Support
    • Academic Guidance
    • Academic Evaluation Report
    • Specific partner supervision & follow-up requirement
  • EUSA Certificate of Completion


Programme Characteristics:

  • Location: Seville or other
  • Programme Length: minimum of 4 weeks of internship
  • Work Week: 20-40 hours per week
  • Salary: Unpaid
  • Languages: Recommended minimum B1 in Spanish or English*

*Students who speak little or no Spanish may find it difficult to secure an internship. 

Programme Pricing:

Internship Price, EU Students: 800.00

Internship Price, Non-EU Students: 1000.00

Each additional month: 150.00

See below for information on additional components.

EUSA holds agreements with several higher education institutions and international agencies outside of Spain. Final price for students coming through these may include fees derived from their additional services.


  • There will be no refunds in case of the student leaving the internship earlier than the date established in the contract.
  • If the student leaves the internship earlier than the established date, the report may be negative; this does not apply in Force Majeur cases.
  • For long-term internships (length superior to 2 months), a deposit will be asked as a stay warranty. The deposit will be given back at the end of the term. In case of leaving the internship earlier than the established date, the deposit will not be refunded; this does not apply in Force Majeur cases.
  • In case of early departure, immigration authorities need to be contacted.

Internship Areas: As part of the Campus of the Chamber of Commerce of Seville, our connections with national and international companies are exceptionally wide-ranging. Interns choose us for our business connections in the areas Tourism, Media, Journalism, Advertising, Restaurant Business, Marketing, Commerce, Sports, Finance, Administration and Hotel Management. Please contact us whatever your field of interest might be.

Mandatory Insurance: Students participating in EUSA’s Internship Programme are required to secure Schengen Territory High Medical Coverage including medical expenses and repatriation. EU students will be required to be in possession of the European Health Insurance Card, Non-EU students will be required to obtain their own medical insurance in order to receive their Schengen Visa. In addition to medical insurance, EUSA requires all interns to add a Civil Responsibility Insurance to cover any possible situations at the work-place. This type of insurance needs to be approved by both the internship company and EUSA. Participants may opt to obtain both medical and civil responsibility coverage themselves or through EUSA at an additional price. EUSA will charge a minimum of 150.00 EUR for Civil Responsibilty and a minimum of 100.00 EUR for medical insurance. (These prices cover the standard 4-week period, additional fees will apply for additional months).

EUSA Accreditation: EUSA is affiliated with University of Seville and, hence, our degrees and courses are in alignment with the Spanish Ministry of Education and European Higher Education Area requisites. EUSA faculty is accredited and habilitated to teach at the Higher Education level through University of Seville’s Venia Docendi.

All EUSA degree students may opt to participate in our Emprésate programme, targeting student employability through unpaid internships in local companies. Our International Educational Internships are adapted from our degree internships to the needs of our international students, accommodating to their academic requirements.

Career Centre: Our career services department, Emprésate 360º, targets enhancing occupational opportunities of our students through internship experiences in a varied range of companies and institutions. By learning to face problems, taking on responsibility and developing their own initiative, these students will enhance their full potential and employability options.

Emprésate 360º was conceived to accompany all EUSA students, national and international alike, in their formative process, evaluating their progress and assisting them in joining the job market. Its support and dynamization of the professional and entrepreneurial mindset has resulted in our alumni’s high employability rate.


  • Soft Skill Evaluation
  • Soft Skills Development Programme
  • Internship Search Support
  • Internship Supervision and Evaluation
  • Alumni Employability Analysis
In collaboration with EUSA’s International Office, Emprésate 360º supervises our Internship Abroad Programme.

Credit Transfer: International students wishing to participate in an internship through EUSA will need to provide the requirements of the internship they want to take part in for credit transferability at their home institutions. Each student is responsible for working with EUSA and their home institution to ensure that their credits will transfer.

Additional Components: Students completing the Internship Abroad Programme may also opt to purchase additional EUSA components or services (additional fees apply). Here you will find more information about Additional Components. Students interested in adding any of these components should contact for more details. Most components available as part of the Study Abroad Programme are also available to participants of the Internship programme, including the following.

Housing Services:

  • Spanish Host Family (homestay)
  • Shared Apartment

Here you will find more information about Housing options. Please contact with any queries on Housing and Accommodation.

Language Courses:

  • One-on-one or Small Group
  • Instituto Cervantes Accredited Center
  • Native Instructors
  • Cultural Component

Please let us know what Language Course format you would be interested in. Send us an email to request this information and we will provide different options in terms of available groups and one-on-one classes (favoured by our interns!).

Activities and Excursions: EUSA offers a variety of optional activities excursions each semester. Internship Abroad Programme students are invited to join these activities as they please. Students can pay individually for each activity they plan to attend.

Our Educational Internships follow a process of nine steps, from the initial Program Description by which our potential interns become familiar with the different components of the program, to the final stage of the internship at the work-place and the production of evaluation and certification documents. Depending on the component structure and particular characteristics of each specific internship, this process may be more or less simplified.

Participants will receive more details on their internship during the application process.

Programme scheme

If you would like to apply to the Educational Internship Programme at EUSA click on this link. Once completed, please send to, all documents requested below. Our International Officer will get back to you after your application has been accepted or declined.

Please attach the following documents:

  • Résumé and/or Curriculum Vitae (English or Spanish)
  • One or two letters of recommendation
  • A scan of your passport or ID-card
  • A scanned ID-photograph (color)
  • EU citizens: A copy of you national Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
  • NON EU citizens: Equivalent to EHIC Health Insurance Card
  • NON EU citizens: Approved VISA to complete Study Abroad through EUSA
  • Equivalent to Civil Responsibility Insurance Coverage: work-place insurance.
  • Personal Presentation Video (no longer than 1 minute) to be viewed by internship providing companies. No format specifications.