International students are welcome to participate in our Master’s Degrees. These Institutional programmes are designed, organised and accredited by the Chamber of Commerce of Seville’s Escuela de Negocios. With over 50 years’ experience, our school of business is specialised in training for graduates, the unemployed, professionals, managers, companies and institutions.

Our objectives include providing students with all necessary tools for professional life, boosting their employability by means of first class instruction and high quality internships at well known companies in Spain, and training them in the most modern techniques of business management in order to enable them excel in their future occupation. Innovation and employability in the global context guide our curriculum.

The Master programmes are one year in length, extending from October to July.

Each full time student will receive an iPad at the beginning of the programme. The Master programmes are entirely taught in Spanish; a B1 Spanish language level is highly recommended for successful completion of the programme. Areas include but are not limited to:

Master In International Trading Management.

 Master in Congress and Event Management.

 Master in Human Resources Management.

 Master in Marketing and Commercial Strategies.

 Master in Social Media Marketing.

 MBA and MBA Executive.

For further information, visit the Escuela de Negocios home page to know more about Master’s degrees.

Please contact the International Office for further information or if you wish to apply to these degrees. Contact us through with the following Subject: Information Request – MASTER’S DEGREES.

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