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  • Guaranteed internships related to your field of study for your degree.
  • From 1 to 3 months during the summer or winter vacation period.
  • Accommodation.
  • 24/7 assistance.
  • Professional development.
  • Weekend activities.
  • Visa.

To enroll in the Absolute Internship programme, you only need to follow the steps indicated on their website.

This is a brief summary of how you should start!

  1. In the PROGRAMMES tab, choose the destination city for the internship, e.g.: London. Once you have read all the information click on the tab APPLY NOW. Next you will be told how the process works.
  2. Once the application is complete, Absolute Internship will review it to determine your suitability for the programme. If you are successful, you will be invited to an interview by phone or Skype and if you pass the interview, you will be contacted by email with your letter of acceptance. IMPORTANT: in the application they will ask for a “Promo Code” which is EUSASEVILL (without the A at the end).
  3. To secure your place, once you receive the letter of acceptance you have one week to pay the deposit. The rest of the programme payment must be made within a month after paying the deposit or at least 6 weeks before the departure date. You can see the prices at DATES & FEES.

You must be a current undergraduate student enrolled in the EUSA. Your language level will be evaluated in the interview. You do not need a minimum number of credits to be able to access the programme, you just need to be an undergraduate student at the university center. It is a good opportunity and a very complete programme and they manage almost everything you need to work abroad including accommodation.

This programme is offered by Absolute Internship, partner of EUSA through the International Office. The programmes contracted with Absolute Internship will be closed between Absolute Internship and the students on an individual and private basis. EUSA and its International Office disclaim any responsibility for the hiring and obligations of this agreement outside the International Office; however, the International Office will ask to be aware of the details of such agreements at all times in order to exercise an oversight function of the process and learning. We recommend that students who wish to participate in these non-EUSA programmes make sure that they are clear on the forms of payment and insurance related to the services they are contracting. The International Office will support EUSA students and graduates as far as possible.


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Study one year of postgraduate studies at the University of California (students who have already graduated with their degree) or one academic semester as a student currently enrolled in the EUSA.

Contact person:

Kathleen Kennedy

Regional Representative Europe, Middle East, Africa

University of California, International Education Programmes

1200 University Avenue, Riverside, CA 92507 USA