The EUSA International Office coordinates faculty-led and custom programmes developed in cooperation with higher education institutions wishing to provide their students with international experience. These tailor-made programme options are designed on a case-by-case basis and include services in logistical and academic support such as:

 Faculty Search & Accreditation Verification.

 Accommodation Services.

 Cultural & Leisure Activities.

 VISA and Insurance Assistance.

 Technical and IT Equipment Provision.

 Instructional Space Allocation.

 Health & Safety Support.

EUSA University Center, as part of the University of Seville, may cater to the need of institutions seeking the creation of this variety of Study Abroad in any field of study and either in Spanish or English.

Faculty and institutions interested in creating or renewing a programme through EUSA should download this form and send it via email to with the following subject matter: Custom & Faculty-Led Information Request.