The International Office staff collaborates with and is complemented by members of different EUSA departments such as Academic Administration, Academic Records, Facilities and Services, Communication, Internship Placement, etcetera.

Contact the International Office anytime through email, or landline +34 954238797extension 5.

Jesús Díaz Vidal – Director of the International Office

Jesús Díaz International Office EUSA

The focus of the Director of the International Office position targets outreach,  maintaining and increasing internationalization of EUSA through the establishment and development of new agreements that provide study abroad options for incoming and outgoing students. This is executed in adherence to our core values and seeking to foster global understanding and engagement.

Jesús Díaz holds a double Master’s degree in English Linguistics and has formerly taught at the University of Seville and the University of Michigan. His previous Study Abroad experience ranges from instruction in different fields both in Spanish and English, to faculty and programme coordination, development and promotion. He joined EUSA in the 2013/14 academic year.

Elena Domínguez – Outgoing & Erasmus+ Coordinator

Elena International Office EUSA

The Outgoing & Erasmus+ Coordinator ‘s main occupation relates to facilitating application and transcription processes, academic documentation, and programme information and resources for Erasmus+ incoming and all outgoing students of EUSA. This position supervises the relationship between our office and our Erasmus+ universities and other partners, catering to the academic needs of the students at all stages of the experience, prior to arrival, during the programme and as alumni.

Elena Domínguez holds Bachellor’s Degree in Tourism from EUSA, participating in study abroad programme at Manchester Metropolitan University. She completed her expertise with an Expert Degree in International Trade through the Chamber of Commerce of Seville. Before joining our International Office in 2011, she was employed in the Event and Hotel Management sector in Dublin and Spain.

Verena Cuevas – Incoming Coordinator

Verena International Office EUSA

The Incoming Coordinator is mainly responsible for the administrative management of Incoming Study Abroad Students and the relationship between EUSA and their Home Institutions. Verena also takes care of supporting incoming students before, during and after their Study Abroad Programme. Academic affairs, orientation processes, health and safety are seen as essential parts of this position.

Verena Cuevas acquired her degree in Tourism from EUSA. She perfected her skills and second languages abroad working in the tourism trade where customer care was always involved. Upon her return to Spain, she became involved in study abroad, working for several international providers in roles from accommodation to student services and academic support. She became part of the International Office staff as Student Experience Coordinator in the 2014/15 academic year.

Marta Fernández – Spanish Department & Mobility Coordinator

Marta International Office EUSA - spanish language school

Marta combines the management of the Courses in Spanish as a Foreign Language, following all standards set by Instituto Cervantes for official accredited centers, with her role as Mobility Coordinator for Incoming and Outgoing students (Faculty-led, Tandem Buddy Programme, Erasmus and Exchange Programmes).  She also specialized on the outreach and recruitment LATAM areas.

Linked to EUSA since 2011, she worked as an ELE teacher and as responsible for CCSE and DELE Official Spanish Language Exams for 3 years. She joined the International Office in 2016 to carry out her current duties. Marta Fernández studied the degree in Hispanic Philology at the University of Seville, later completing her training as a Career Counseling Technician, and she specialized in Entrepreneurship in the Education Sector studying at the INCYDE Foundation. She started teaching ELE in 2006 in Italy, and has since then gained a wealth of experience in this sector, as well as on the management of educational programs.

Lucía Martín – Project Coordinator

Lucía International Office EUSA

The project coordinator main tasks involve the design, management and execution of the different international projects in which EUSA participates and that target areas such as International Office procedures, entrepreneurship and the correspondence between the curriculum and job-market needs. The desired outcomes of our projects entail increasing options for EUSA students, staff and faculty to enhance their global understanding and collaborate with peers at an international level.

Lucía Martin acquired her degree in Translation and Interpreting from Pablo de Olavide University, including a year as a student at Salford University, Manchester. She developed her professional and language skills by working abroad in the translation and tourism field. After her 5-year experience in England and France she returned to Spain, where she become involved in study abroad and internationalisation programmes. She joined EUSA’s International Office team in the 2017/18 academic year.

Fabio Sarmiento – Outreach Coordinator

Fabio International Office EUSA

As an outreach coordinator Fabio is in charge of the prospection of potential partner universities and impulse new agreements.

Fabio graduated in Business at the University of Seville, completed his studies in the University of International Business of Poznan. After spending his Erasmus in Poland, and a brief work experience in London, he moved back to Spain to work in Barcelona during 4 years in roles related to education abroad. He became part of the International Office team in November 2019.