Higher Vocational Studies are offered through the Nuevas Profesiones department of the Campus Formativo of the Chamber of Commerce of Seville. The training received in our 14 vocational degrees prepares students for professional practice, acquiring the skills and knowledge necessary for the job-market. Accreditation is provided by the Junta de Andalucía government through the Título Oficial de Técnico Superior, and, hence, adapted to the European Higher Education Area.

Our standard degree is 2000 hours in format, structured in two academic years, with in-class instruction and a period of 3 months internship training in the workplace and a final draft cycle. Areas include:


 Sound and Image

 Marketing and Commerce

 Business Administration and Finance

 Tourism and Restaurant Management

 Computer Science and Gaming Industry

For further information, visit (https://www.fpnuevasprofesiones.es/) for the Nuevas Profesiones Home page and (https://www.fpnuevasprofesiones.es/oferta-academica/) for a catalogue of our different Vocational Studies degrees.

Please contact the International Office for further information or if you wish to apply to these degrees. Contact us through internationaloffice@eusa.es with the following Subject: Information Request – NUEVAS PROFESIONES DEGREES.

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