The Study Abroad Programme is designed for international students wishing to live a life-changing experience by studying abroad at EUSA for one semester or an entire academic year. Students will benefit from quality education, personalised attention, and all the advantages of a private institution.


Our Study Abroad Programme options include Semester or Year studies in any of the regular courses offered in EUSA official degrees. These courses are open to local students and may be offered in either English, Spanish or both. Courses at EUSA are equivalent to 6 ECTS credits.

Please contact the international office for academic advising in order to prevent credit transferability issues with your home institution, to clarify academic policies or for any other academic related queries.

EUSA is an Accredited Centre by Instituto Cervantes, Spanish counterpart of the British Council or Goethe Institute. Placement exam to be taken onsite and levels distributed according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages.

  • 60h in 1 semester
  • Up to 15 students per class
  • Qualified, highly experienced, ELE expert teachers
  • Course certificate & diploma
  • ECTS credit transfer possible

The International Relations Office staff supports all incoming students in order to facilitate student integration into regular Campus life and to assist in the resolution of incidents.


Service not available during bank holidays, holiday periods and official festivities

EUSA Orientations are mandatory. One of the main topics covered during orientation is Health and Safety. In addition, prior to programme start health and safety is sent to participants via email. EUSA follows the recommendations published by the Forum of Education Abroad in their Standards of Good Practices. In particular, its standard on Health, Safety, Security and Risk Management.

Visiting students will also receive coverage from a Scholar Insurance for the time they are within university premises. Students are required to secure their own Medical Insurance through the EHIC – European Health Insurance Card or any other insurance during the whole time of their stay.

The EUSA International Office will assist and guide incoming students in finding accommodation, current market pricing, housing location, safety concerns, cultural adaptation issues and other related matters. Unless otherwise specified, housing is not included in the programme fee for any of our agreements with Independent Students, Sending Universities and Study Abroad Providers. Hence, all housing arrangements will be independent agreements made between each individual student and the different providers.

There are several types of accommodation that EUSA visiting students can choose from for their study abroad experience in Seville. There are no best or worst types, as each of them has its pros and cons: students should decide what type of accommodation best suits their Study Abroad goals. Traditional formats of housing accommodation in Seville include:

  • Host Families.
  • Student Dorms.
  • Shared Apartments.

For more information visit Housing Options in Seville.

EUSA offers international students the possibility of improving their Spanish language skills and further cultural exchange by pairing off visiting and local EUSA students wishing to practice their second languages and enhance the global understanding.

IO Tandem Buddy Programme:

The EUSA student card offers a wide range of advantages to all students enrolled at the Campus. The agreements with nationwide and local businesses offer up to 20% discount on regular prices.

The discount on the 60-hour Intensive Spanish Course is only available for those students completing their semester abroad at EUSA. For more information contact


Choose from a selection of 200+ courses in our 30+ area of studies.

OR study one of our predesigned tracks:


EU Students


200€ Administrative Fee

Non-EU Students


200€ Administrative Fee


EUSA offers the following additional services to our international students. Upon participant and sending institution requests, EUSA’s International Office will coordinate with local providers to ensure that students receive top quality housing, activities and support. Costs will vary depending on availability and season.

International students tend to choose the following accommodation arrangements: 

Student Dorms

There are different student dormitories available in Seville. Dorm fees normally include a shared or independent room, cleaning service, wireless internet access, gym, and more. Most dorms offer additional meal and laundry services. The International Office holds contacts with local dorms; we provide guidance to the students who may favour this option as their accommodation of choice.

Staying in a student dorm has the advantages of being able to live surrounded by other students with whom to practise conversation regularly and having access to many useful facilities such as private study rooms, a gym or a pool within the same building. Each student’s specific requirements/preferences for staying in a dorm can be addressed through email.

Dorms undergo a careful selection process and frequent assessments to guarantee favourable experiences for students who opt for this accommodation alternative.

Spanish Host Families

Students who choose to live with a Spanish host family will typically be provided with a room (shared or independent depending on agreement with provider), meals and cleaning and laundry services. To best inform the host family about each student’s specific needs and/or food intolerances or allergies there is a form available to fill in.

It is important for students to know that living with families from Seville does not necessarily imply that they will have less freedom than students living in other housing options. Students requesting homestays enjoy total freedom as they can enter and leave the apartment whenever they please. It is true, however, that there might be some common-sense rules to be discussed with the families to ensure a successful day-to-day life together.

This housing option has the advantage of enhanced communication opportunities in Spanish, although this depends on the interpersonal relations established between family members and students. Living with a host family is a great way to become immersed in Spanish language and culture. Host families are carefully selected and regularly evaluated to ensure that students who choose this housing option have positive experiences.

Shared Apartments 

While EUSA does not provide this type of accommodation, the pre-arrival information email regarding housing lists a number of providers that cater to this mode.


For more information about Housing Options in Seville visit this page. 

Students may also choose insurance services, such as:

  • Health Insurance, to be able to receive assistance in hospitals in Seville.
  • Medical and Repatriation Insurance, which includes repatriation of remains to the country of origin.
  • Liability insurance.

Please note that costs will vary.

The Study Abroad program includes cultural activities, however, the International Office may also organise additional activities and excursions. These may include tours and activities within Seville as well as trips to popular attractions in the surrounding areas.

For any overnight trips, accommodation will be provided. Transportation, a teacher or guide, and tickets to sites will be covered for students on all activities. Information regarding these activities will be released once onsite.

The following services may be arranged:

  • Airport Transfer: Arrival & Departure
  • City Transportation Card
  • Welcome & Farewell Events
  • Visa Support & Documentation
  • Additional Logistical Support


EUSA offers a 60-hour Intensive Spanish Course to students looking to start learning Spanish or improve their Spanish level before the semester starts. EUSA is an Instituto Cervantes Accredited Center. Instituto Cervantes is the Spanish counterpart of the British Council or Goethe Institute. Students of all Spanish levels are encouraged to apply.*

Instituto Cervantes logo - spanish language school

Course highlights include:

— 60 hours of instruction in 3 weeks

— Small groups

— Qualified, Highly Experienced, ELE Expert Teachers

— Course Certificate & Diploma

*Bear in mind the “Minimum class size” policy applies to this course. Therefore, it is advisable not to make any travel arrangements before final confirmation of the course opening. Consult with your Home Office for discounts & scholarships.


60-hour Intensive Spanish Course: 600€

Students will be responsible for arranging their own housing and insurance during the three week course.

Planning to include accommodation?

Contact us for more info and discounts



EUSA is happy to welcome any international students, including free-movers, who wish to study in Seville for a semester or a full academic year as long as they meet the following eligibility requirements:

 Must be currently enrolled in Higher Education studies prior to acceptance to EUSA programmes

 Must have completed secondary school / pre-university degrees

 Must be 18 years old or over, and hold their own legal representation

 Must have completed all required application materials

Note for Free-Movers:

Eligibility: A letter of motivation and the reasons for your stay in our location may also be requested and evaluated prior to being accepted into our programmes.

Credit transfer: When there is no formal agreement on student exchange between a home university and EUSA University Center, credit transfer cannot be secured. Hence, it is the participant’s responsibility to determine how EUSA documents will be used to add towards potential or existing degrees.


Lucía International Office EUSA

Lucía Martín

Incoming & Project Coordinator

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Mobile: +34 647 70 54 54

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Fernando Bajo

Outgoing & Erasmus+ Coordinator

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