Information about the programme

Work & Travel is a cultural exchange programme for students who want to have a work experience and travel to the USA during their summer holiday. It offers paid internships for undergraduates and students from Nuevas Profesiones (vocational training).

Do you like the American culture? Have you always wanted to travel to the USA but you have never been able to afford it? If you are a university student or studying for a vocational training at EUSA/NNPP (Nuevas Profesiones), you meet the fundamental requirement.

During your summer holiday, the U.S. government grants visas specifically for international students. These allow you to live in the country, learn its culture, improve your English, and work to pay for your stay for three months.

The other fundamental requirement is the desire to travel. You have to keep in mind that you are going to get to know a new culture and work as if you were American, you are going to share your life with American students and students of many other different nationalities who work during the summer to save money, taking advantage of their holidays as well. Your previous experience will be appreciated, but it is not essential to have worked before. In addition, you can travel up to 3 friends together to the same place if you wish. Cultural exchange and improvement of English is guaranteed.

Remember: places are available until they are sold out!

If you would like to receive more information, please contact the EUSA International Office by sending an email to

  • University students from EUSA or Nuevas Profesiones (vocational studies).
  • Between 18 and 29 years old.
  • Level of English: communicative. It will be evaluated through a Skype interview.
  • Availability: 3 months of summer (recommended dates: from June 15th to September 30th). Minimum length: 12 weeks.
  • Maturity, independence and ability to adapt to other cultures.
  • Advice during the whole process, support and preparation for the interviews.
  • Guaranteed place allocation.
  • Medical insurance during the whole stay.
  • Documents to apply for the J-1 Visa.
  • Dossier with the programme’s information.
  • 24 hours a day phone assistance.
  • Cultural activities.

All the places guarantee you facilities to find accommodation. Some companies offer you rooms in their own facilities at a very reasonable price, which they deduct from your salary, or they offer you several possibilities to choose what suits you best when they do not have houses for workers. The distance will always be close to the workplace, with a maximum of 30 minutes.

If you want to fly high, listen to Raul Asensio. Stays abroad help you in many ways, and this is a clear example:

Every experience is different. Professional development starts here! We listened to Miguel Samalea talk about his experience in Colorado:

Life-changing experiences.

Ana Ortiz Bulnes, student of the Tourism Degree in EUSA:

“It is an experience that brands you and gives you the opportunity to meet wonderful people, both from your own country and from the rest of the world. It allows you to get to know spectacular places that I never thought I would visit”.

Student posing with NYC skyscrapers
Picture at the water game
Student at the Grand Canyon
Student posing with the Hollywood sign

The experience of Marisa Villa Mateos, student of Nuevas Profesiones:

“At first I had respect for going alone to another country, but in Montana I found a new family. I left because I always dreamed of going to Yellowstone National Park and after 3 months there… I fell in love with the views and their people. It’s an experience I would repeat as many times as I could!”.

Student appreciating the river views
Game day
Students at a game
Student group picture

Each experience is unique and unrepeatable and everyone lives it in their own way, but for everyone it is UNFORGETTABLE. Ana Montaño lends us her memories:

If you have questions about living and working in the United States, here is a little bit of Jose Luis Fernández’s experience:

Cultural activities

One of the most important parts of the programme is the cultural activities. The primary goal of the experience is for you to become involved in American culture, and what better way is there than by being an American? Visits will be proposed to you, excursions are organised… The companies know that you have to fulfil at least 2 cultural activities per month, so they will provide you facilities.

Obtaining the visa

All the necessary information to obtain the visa will be given to you by YoWork once the place is given. You will have to go to the US embassy in Madrid for an interview. Embassy fees and SEVIS fee are not included.